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Politics of having Gynecomastia / Klinefelters

I should also say that I often don't appreciate being lumped with the so called 'GLBT' movement. The Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transsexual movement. I don't mind them, and think everyone has the choice to choose their sexuality. After all,my mother was a lesbian. But their experiences and needs do not equate with my experiences and needs or those with others in my situation. I would think that transsexual people would have some understanding of what I have been through, but not exactly. I also really don't like the idea of being added to the GLBT movement as a job lot.

I suspect that there are many men or boys with Gynecomastia who are not gay, not BI and not transsexual They are normal men living normal lives up to the point that they develop Gynecomastia Some quite obviously don't want to have breasts and seek methods of breast reduction or removal. Others are not happy but live with it. Others like myself love their breasts and would not give them up for anything.

Our needs are different. I don't think they fit into the GLBT agenda, whatever that is. I don't think that we're going to get any sort of recognition or support for at least twenty years, and probably not in my lifetime.