Gynecomastia is the development of enlarged breasts in males.

Not every male who has gynemycastia is in a rush to remove their breasts. I first started developing breasts at the age of 11, and I suppose because I was brought up by a single mother who was a raving feminist, nobody told me anything was wrong. I have what I call 'screwy genetics', which means that technically I am neither male or female. Thus I am producing more estrogen than testosterone. Something like that. It never bothered me much to find out. I really don't have problem with accepting my body, rather I have a problem with the way some narrow minded people react to it.

Gynecomastia is a naturally occurring medical condition, so people with it should not have to feel guilty, or put up with ill treatment by society. Despite what many people say or think, I believe that if it happens through genetics or diet or any other natural process, then it is natural. If it is natural, then it falls into the wide range of what is human. Not typical, not average, but certainly not abnormal or a deformity.


I first started to develop breasts from the age of 10 or 11 as part of having Klienfelter's Syndrome. I did not have a problem with it at all. This was mainly because I was raised mostly as a girl. My later teenage years though were a torrid time as I was switched from being raised as a girl to being raised as a boy. It was a very emotional and unpleasant time. I had to go from the kind and gentle upbringing as a girl, to the uncouth and hostile upbringing of a boy. As it involved moving from my town to the city, I lost almost all of my fiends. It was a very hard time for me.


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